The first step to selling your home or investment, is establishing it’s value. A number of variables are taken into consideration, for instance,  i) is the property freehold or leasehold, if leasehold, how long is the lease ii) the condition of the property and iii) the location. We look at various comparables and draw on our local knowledge and experience in the Central London property market generally, to arrive at a fair selling price.

Over-valuing in an effort to gain an instruction is one of the most damaging things an agent can do and a strategy Waltons would never employ.  If the price is too high, the marketing campaign will fail and the property will be seen as tarnished as the price is inevitably steadily reduced. Too low and you would not achieve it’s true value.

Marketing. There are two options, full open market coverage on our website and portals, including On the Market. The other is  selling your property off-market. This means effectively offering your property to selected high net worth individuals and investors through our contact database.

Marketing materials include floor plans, photographs and digital bnrochure. The details will be prepared for presentation on the web
At this point the other professionals such as a solicitor or conveyancer should be instructed so they are ready to spring into action when the sale is made.

We record and register every person who walks through ours and your front door to deter the inevitable time wasters.  A member of our team will always accompany them.

All offers will be transmitted both verbally and in writing within 24 hours of receipt. The vendor will be kept informed of every development as communication is key to a smooth transaction.

Once a sale is agreed the hard work starts!  We will progress the sale through to exchange, ensuring that we assist both parties’ solicitors where possible with required information and ensuring that the process is completed without the sometimes, avoidable, delays.